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Academy of Scuba Philanthropic Information

Divers Giving Back to the Community!

Lake Pleasant Cleanup Earth Day 2012 with the Academy of ScubaThank you for visiting AcademyofScuba.org or as we like to call it “Dot Org”. The Academy of Scuba is one of the fastest growing and most progressive dive shops in the Southwest United States. However, it didn’t start off that way. In fact, its roots were solely in developing a strong community of divers, offering high quality training surrounded by a social aspect that kept “buddies together”. As the Academy of Scuba has grown, we have seen the community grow with it. The social element is still a critical component to the health of the Academy of Scuba. In 2010, we started doing a lot of little charity work including local school, theater, and club sponsorship. Our biggest sponsorship was providing over $20,000 in sponsorship dollars to the Boy Scouts of America. In February 2011, we had a very successful fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. The end result was we found divers wanted to help out and “give back to their community”.

With that in mind, we have put together a committee to organize and structure our philanthropic activities and maximize the opportunity to rally divers to a cause – or in this case, multiple causes. Dot Org is the hub in which all those activities grow and prosper. Dot Org is your opportunity (whether a diver or just someone who hangs out with divers) to give back and strengthen our community in return. Please visit us often and support the many charitable activities, events, and organizations that will benefit from the Dive Community.


The Academy of Scuba Team

May & June Fundraising Program: San Diego Oceans Foundation

San Diego Oceans FoundationThe next 2 months Academy of Scuba will be working closely with the San Diego Oceans Foundation to help raise awareness and funds for this amazing organization. San Diego Oceans Foundation (SDOF) has a mission to promote ocean stewardship by leading community-supported projects that enhance the ocean habitat and encourage sustainable use of the ocean's resources. SDOF recruits and trains community members to assist with their marine programs. These volunteers work at the grass-roots level where they learn new skills and become educated in marine conservation efforts. They then become ocean stewards and begin personalizing their commitment to the sea. In this way SDOF can then spread their message of ocean stewardship.

Academy of Scuba "Dot Org" will be doing several events throughout the next 2 months that will benefit the San Diego Oceans Foundation, including an auction, course specials, and more. And, at the beginning of June, we will be holding a raffle for a mystery prize.

Click here to learn more about this month’s activities.

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